New Board Announcement

Internet South Africa (ISA) held their AGM on 24 June 2021.

Members were invited to attend in person at the Protea Fire and Ice Hotel or online, via Zoom.

The following members were elected to the board and met the following week to select assignments.

The board for 2021/22 is:

  • Adri Loubser – Chair
  • Alan Levin – Vice Chair
  • Coenraad Loubser – Treasurer
  • Towela Nyirenda-Jere – Vice Treasurer
  • Peter Peele – Secretary
  • Percy Nhau
  • Shaun Courtney
  • Vusumuzi Bhengu

The minutes from the AGM can be viewed here

Internet South Africa – AGM 2021

Please join us on Thursday July 24 for our Annual General Meeting.

We’ll discuss the past year, the year ahead and choose a new board.

Please check your chapter notifications for online attendance details. Everyone is welcome and drinks and snacks will be provided to those attending in person.

We look forward to spending the evening with you.


Where: Protea Hotel Fire & Ice!, Cape Town

Date: July 24, 2021

Time: 17:30 for 18:30

Small grants now available

The Internet Society Foundation have implemented a small grant system on a rolling basis.

Any member of a chapter in good standing can apply for one of these grants, as long as a chapter only has 2 small grants at one time.

You can more about it here.

Chapterthon 2020

During the 2020 Internet Society Chapterthon, we explored ways of seeding many more communities like the one we supported during the 2019 Chapterhton, by starting with an “Internet in a Box”.

When surveying similar instructions, it struck us how technical most of it was. We started with the idea of bringing what is seemingly impossible to many people, just one step closer to within their reach.

See our guide here:

Please share these instructions with anyone whom you think could benefit and contribute. These boxes are easy to assemble and cheap to distribute and where these boxes are adopted are ideal places to follow up by building out connectivity.

Internet South Africa – AGM 2020

Please join us on Thursday 27 February for our Annual General Meeting.

We’ll discuss the past year, the year ahead and choose a new board.

Everyone is welcome and drink and snacks will be provided.

We look forward to spending the evening with you.


Where: Sotano on Bree, Cape Town

Date: 27 February 2020

Time: 17:30 for 18:00

2020 Action Plan

ISOC recently announced their 2020 Action Plan and has invited everyone to take part.

The 8 projects are:

  1. Promoting the Internet way of networking
  2. Extending encryption
  3. Securing global routing (MANRS)
  4. Increasing time security
  5. Leading by example with open standards
  6. Building Community Networks
  7. Fostering infrastructure and technical communities
  8. Measuring the Internet

You can read more about the projects as well as how you can become involved here.

Well done Team SA

Congratulations to the participants of the 2019 Chapterthon where Internet South Africa came 2nd out of 28 participating chapters.

Ghana came 3rd and New York came 1st. Congratulations to both chapters, well deserved.

You can watch the final announcement video here

Only 2 days left to cast your vote

The Voting Phase for this year’s Chapterthon is currently underway and you only have a few days left to make your vote count.

If you haven’t viewed the South African entry yet, you can do so here and remember to cast your vote here.

Chapterthon 2019 is underway

Our grant request for this year’s Chapterthon has been approved and planning is well underway.

This year’s theme is: Connecting the Unconnected.

We’ll be travelling to the rural Eastern Cape, where we’ll be training 5 people to set up and maintain networks in their community. We’ll also give them vouchers so that they call sell the bandwidth to the local community members, thereby giving them access to fast and affordable internet.

The long term goal is to enable these community members to earn an income and make it possible for them to expand the network to local villages, thereby increasing internet access in an area that is critically under served.

Follow our journey on our Facebook page.

Chapterthon 2019: Applications now open

ISOC’s annual Chapterthon is now open for applications.

This year’s theme is: Connecting the Unconnected.

How to enter: Submit your idea to your local chapter board for review. The board will then select one entry and submit it.

The chapter will then have two months to execute the plan and submit their final report.

You can read more about the chapterthon here: