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Prepare an SD Card

For the more technical, here are instructions for preparing an SD Card for an Internet-in-a-Box device: If it is too technical for you, you can order one that is already prepared, here:

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Get an SD Card and Content

The SD Card is the brain that stores all the information on your Internet-in-a-box. You can prepare your own if you have the technical knowledge. If not, we have volunteers who will create them for you. If there is any content on the web that you have found and what on the box, you can…

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Internet in a box

Offline internet is a precursor and promoter of online internet. Here we share useful links to Internet-in-a-box related content. We’ll be putting valuable information here on do’s and don’ts related to IIAB as well as commonly found problems Here is our guide: How to build your own internet Here are links to where you can…

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